OMG I’ve not written a blog post in more than a year….

Blogs are hard. Good grief. I’m a girl who struggles to keep the humans in my life fed, watered, bathed, dressed, and enriched. Weeds are overtaking my lawn, and I long ago resigned myself to laundry being a journey not a destination. Not to mention working full-time and writing book after book and keeping my soul fed enough to keep it all together. Excuses! I know. I know. But at the end of the day, shew. I’m done. I don’t have it in me to look into the mirror of my self and reflect deeply. There are so many other words that need to happen on the page, on the screen, in my stories, on student papers, and basically everywhere else in my life.

But, I can do better. I can blog a bit more. More soon, promise.