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Hi! I’m a writer, feminist, history lover, avid reader, gardener, (relatively new) powerlifter (girl’s gotta have inner and outer strength, right?), occasional cook, Pitch Wars YA mentor, and consummate museum goer. At this point in my life,  I’m working every day to raise my kids, raise autism acceptance, and create beautiful stories. I write funny Middle Grade books and dark and twisty Young Adult novels. I love finding tidbits from history and digging into them to find the story there.

I sometimes blog for Parents.com and review Middle Grade books; and, I teach English at the college-level for my day job. I like art, large bodies of water, my children’s laughter, coffee, reading to my children, reading all alone, binging on tv series, cooking, laughing…

If you want to chat books, writing, reading and everything in between, you can find me on Twitter @jamiepacton.

I’m not writing as much about autism and my son lately, but if you want to chat about neurodiversity or have questions about autism, you can message me on Facebook.