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Articles by Jamie:

From School Library Journal: “A Moment of Radical Honesty & Talking Frankly About Modern Poverty in The Life and (Medieval) Times of Kit Sweetly.”

From Frolic: “Smashing the Patriarchy + Falling in Love: On Writing Feminist Romance in YA”

Live Events for the KIT Tour:

With YA Author (and fellow geek) Ashley Poston hosted by Print: A Bookstore.

With YA Author Lizzy Mason and A Room of One’s Own in Madison.

With YA Author M.K. England & bookseller Mike Lasagna about friendships in YA books, writing communities, and all the nerdy things.

With YA Author Adiba Jaigirdar hosted by Schuler Books. We had a great chat about writing process, book 2, our query/getting an agent stories and more!

Virtual Panels:

Build a Book Workshop: Stuffed with Fluff (by Design) with Rachel Strolle and YA Authors Nandini Bajpai, Jacqueline Firkins, Marisa Kanter, Lauren Morrill & me, where we talk reclaiming the term fluff, the need for happy books, and the greatest romcom moments.

Podcasts with Jamie about KIT:

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The Happy Writer Podcast Interview: All about badass ladies in Medieval Times, why we want a KIT movie, and lots more!
What Book Hooked You Podcast Interview: All about the books that inspired Jamie, where her ideas come from, what her writing process is like, and much more.
KT Literary Podcast Interview: All about that time I waited on Lance from NSync and my ridiculous waitressing career, my writing journey, and more.

BookRiot HeyYA podcast interview with author/agent Eric Smith about some of my recent favorite books, some geeky books I love, all the KIT things and more!

Interviews with Jamie about KIT:

From School Library Journal: On Debuting in These Challenging (Pandemic) Times

From Utopia State of Mind

From The Little Reader’s Corner

From Sadie B’s Book Blog

Fun stuff!

The Office style Mockumentary with KIT characters hosted by Rachel Strolle.

KIT fan cast by Jamie:

The first ever Kit Sweetly Cosplay! (LOVE this!): From @fromlibrarywithlove on Instagram.

Downloadable KIT coloring page:

(Click on the image)

KIT Launch Party Photos:

We made a Castle cake complete with a Lego Kit Sweetly topper
A closer look at Lego Kit Sweetly! 🙂
I’m dressed for the party in my fave “Joust like a Girl” shirt (foam sword optional).
The full KIT decorations spread!
And we ended the evening with re-watching one of my favorite movies (and definitely Kit’s favorite movie), A Knight’s Tale. So joyful and ridiculous.