Live Show!

For many months in 2017-18 my dear friend and fabulous Pitch Wars co-mentor, M.K. England, and I hosted a live stream about books, writing, writers, and much more. Sadly tech troubles after one of us moved deep into a rural area has slowed us down a bit, but here are some old episodes. Hopefully we’ll be up and running again soon!

Episode 12: Worldbuilding, Part 2 (Start-to-Finish #6)

Episode 11: Worldbuilding Pt. 1 with Debut Author Kristen Ciccarelli (Project Start-to-Finish #5)

Episode 10: Story Structure (Project Start-to-Finish #4)

Episode 9: Books that Shaped Us

Episode 8: Creating Characters (Project Start-to-Finish #3)

Episode 8: An (excellent) Chat with MG/YA Author Cindy Baldwin

Episode 6: The Messy Transition Period before Starting a New Project (Project Start-to-Finish #2)

Episode 5: Choosing Your Next Idea (Project Start-to-Finish #1)

Episode 4: Geek Out with Rena Barron

Episode 3: Pitch Wars Retrospective

Episode 2: Writing Rituals

Episode 1: The 10k Crisis