Books and Works in Progress

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I’m always on the fence about whether or not to include this section on my website pre-publication of anything, but since I’m querying right now, perhaps this will show my range as a writer and give a taste of the projects that are in-the-works.

I’m Querying: A dark, feminist, Slavic-inflected YA fantasy that I’ve always thought of Wolf by Wolf meets the Grishaverse. Here are some images that inspire me mightily when I think of this book.

Work in Progress: A funny, feminist, YA Contemporary set in a Medieval Times type restaurant that’s a bit of a gender-swapped A Knight’s Tale meets Empire Records. So fun to write and absolutely singing to my inner history/Ren Faire nerd.


Up Next to Write: LGBTQ YA Historical set in Fin de Siecle Paris…think Toulouse Lautrec and Moulin Rouge meets an Ani DiFranco song. I’ve been scheming, planning, and dying to write this one for more than five years…

After that, and for something totally different:

Funny, smart, super-silly Early Reader series about two genius girls in STEM that’s a bit of a girl power Captain Underpants meets Magic Treehouse. 🙂


And My Backlist:

Middle Grade

  • MG series about Marco Polo as a kid– growing up in 13th-century Venice, learning magic, getting into the Explorers’ Guild, and much more. Think 13th century Percy Jackson meets Harry Potter. I was a mentee in the 2015 Pitch Wars contest with this book (and it’s what got me my first agent).Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 9.47.17 AM


  • I’ve also written the first book in another MG steampunk fantasy series (WITH DRAGONS!), The Stoneseekers.

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Young Adult

  • I love fairy tale re-tellings, and my first attempt at this is a super dark YA fantasy retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Wild Swans” called Nettles.  

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  • I’m also interested in near future stories, neurodiversity, and the slums that sit on the edge of wealthy cities. I wrote all this into a YA fantasy near future trilogy that’s something like Romeo and Juliet meets George Orwell (the books are called Eden’s Fall, Eden’s Return, Eden’s Revenge).

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