A day to remember…

It’s been a long, long time since I blogged anything at all. The reasons for this are complicated, as is so much of life. I was tired of writing about autism. I went to a writing conference and it made me weary of writing in general. I wasn’t getting any sleep. I was drinking a bit.  I was teaching 9 classes. My husband started his grad program again. I got sucked into the reality TV vortex that is Amazon’s Instant Video (and watched almost all the seasons of America’s Next Top Model…sigh).

And, so, the months rolled past with no blog to speak of.  I had no words beyond those that were for school, or email, or students, or taking care of my boys.

And then today rolled around. Just another Tuesday. Took the boys to school. Struggled through a 2.5 mile jog. Picked the boys up. Sent emails. Graded papers. Went to Target. Tried to call my mother. Kissed my husband goodbye. Nothing too much happening.Except what happened.

And it’s gross. And totally TMI, but it it’s a really, really big deal. It’s so worth writing about that I had to get of bed just now. I had to break my long, self-imposed blog silence to tell you this:

Today, my autistic son, my sweet 4-year-old who doesn’t speak, did something amazing.

He wiped poop off his foot.

See. I told you it was gross.

But, let’s talk amazing here.

We won’t get into too many details, but as far as I can tell, LRP is pretty much oblivious to poop most of the time. But not today. As I was cleaning up a messy accident, he noticed some uck on his foot, and he casually took a piece of TP and cleaned it up.

Easy peasy, a bit of self-care. Then he looked at me like, “no big deal mom, I got this.”

I almost fell over.   And I promptly (once he was bathed) called his senior therapist to tell her all about it.

Why is this a big deal?

Because every expert I know keeps telling me how f*cking “severe” he is.

Because everyone tells me how slow he learns.

Because I still have a walloping, chicken-patty-sized bruise on my arm from the latest 3am-bite-pinch combo.

Because sometimes I forget he’s in there and I’m just tired or sad or frustrated.

But this, feat regarding his foot (sorry, an irresistible pun), well,  this shows awareness. This shows me that my little boy is engaged, interested, and wanting to do more than move through life like a shadow.  Today he wipes poop off his foot. Tomorrow, he gives me a hug (ok, well, I got one of those today when I let him help me make a banana cake) without any head butts or pinches. And then, the tomorrow-and tomorrow-and tomorrow after that:  well,  who knows?

It was a day worthy of comment.

And can I also mention that EJP, my funny, incorrigible 2-year-old,  spelled his first word ever today?

D-O-G on the fridge with magnetic letters.

Again, I almost fell over.

It’s been a dizzy sort of day.